Cephalon Touen

Discord/IRC Chatbot            

Cephalon Touen (formerly known as Cephalon Oberon) is an administrative chatbot for Discord and IRC with a lot of fun stuff built in! Aside from being able to perform normal chatroom moderator actions (kick, ban, assign permissions, etc), it can also:

  • Talk back when you talk to it!    (which has tricked many people into thinking that Touen is a real person)
  • Stream music via Youtube/Soundcloud/Spotify or local files/playlists
  • Send stream or upload alerts for Twitch/Mixer/UStream/Smashcast
  • Generate and recall user-defined custom commands and macros
  • Search for gifs and images on Imgur and Photobucket
  • And a lot more!

  • But most importantly, Touen is a fully modular bot, making it completely customizable. All commands come in the form if plugins - or Cogs - that can be enabled and disabled at any time. You can make your own Cogs too: Touen features a versatile plugin API that makes it easy to define and implement your own Cogs. Check out some samples here!

    Touen is built primarily with Python and Django. It uses discord.py to interface with Discord, and Socket.IO to manage inbound and outgoing connections. The natural language generation (NLG) used in the chat functionality heavily utilizes py-cleverbot; audio streaming is handled with a combination of youtube-dl, ffmpg, and LibOpus; and web scraping is done with a modified version of BeautifulSoup4. Most other functions utilize their respective APIs.

    Here's a small (and incomplete) collage of some of the things Touen can do:

    © Wei Xiong, 2017